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Analysis / CMC (GDPS)

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GDPS / North America (mesh: 10 km interpolated to 15 km)

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ClassicWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
Precipitation (CaPA)Wed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
2m TWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
2m TdWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
2m Rel. HumidityWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
10m WindWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
850-hPa TWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
500-hPa VorticityWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
250-hPa WindWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
Dynamic TropopauseWed 01 Dec 06ZN/A
Accumulation (24-h)Tue 30 Nov 12ZN/A
Land SurfaceSun 05 Dec 18ZN/A
Cyclone TrackingSun 05 Dec 12ZSun 05 Dec at 21:12Z
Green: Data are up-to-date / Red: Data are NOT up-to-date